Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome Isaac Cody Peterson

This last Friday I woke up at about 4:00 am unable to sleep. I was cramping and uncomfortable but I did not think it could be anything serious. At 7:00 I saw my doctor for the weeks check up and discovered I was dialated to a 2 1/2. "Today's baby day" he said. Isaac came via VBAC after two and a half hours of pushing. I think I would have ended up with another c-section with out the support of my awesome doctor, nurses, sisters (Liz and Clare) mom, and of course husband. It was an amazing experience. Isaac came two weeks early on Friday December 11th at 8:05 in the evening. He weighed 6, 10. I love you baby and I am so happy you are here with us.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Time for an update

Wow we are in need for an update. Well, Cody recently graduated from BYU-I and we are now living in Mesa AZ. Cody is selling pest control for the summer. We are ready to start optometry school at Midwestern University in August. Things are good here, we are happy to around family, the only thing we could use less of are the heat and scorpions. Well that's it for now, I hope to add pictures soon so check back again.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

We're still alive in Rexburg, ID!

We apologize for the brief (just a few months) absence from the blogging scene. We thought we'd post a couple pictures of some of the happenings over the last couple of months, featuring Zach of course. Our final winter in Rexburg is coming to an end, with graduation looming only a month away! This place has been very good to us, creating memories that won't soon be forgotten. Anyway, here are the pics, starting from most recent all the way down to Halloween:

Zach started out a little nervous, but that didn't last long.

Christmas in Arizona

The post-bath bath robe!

Just hangin out with cousins!

Zach was thrilled to be an OWL for Halloween!