Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Funny Video

After Bend Oregon we headed up to Washington to visit mom, dad and Leah. During the five days that we were there they took us on a real train ride up in the mountains, up the space needle in Seattle, on a sweet roller coaster, on the Duck (a land and water tour of Seattle) and more. They were incredibly fun and we were so happy to create some more family memories.

Of course we played cards and Zachary got to have a lot of Grandma and Grandpa time.
During our vacation Stephanie Myers Breaking Dawn had become available so Leah and I being the silly girls we are went and picked up a copy at midnight the day it came out. We read half the book aloud to each other. Most of our commute time was spent reading quietly to each other in the back of the car while Cody would randomly yell out "Oh Edward!!! Oh Bella!!!". Of course we loved the book and were completely giddy reading it together. Girls can be sooooo silly.


So after a crazy semester Cody and I were ready for our seven week break before fall semester. We started it off with a fun vacation up to Blackfoot Idaho to visit Scott and Erin. Next we went up to Bend Oregon to see Cody's grandparents. We got a great view of Bend and ate New York pizza the size of my face. It was great to catch up on some Peterson history from Grandpa Pete as well.