Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We have been looking forward to going camping for a long time and we had so much fun. The weather was cool, the trees smelled beautiful and the tin foil dinners tasted delicious.

Here is a pic of Zach with his cousins Hardy and Berlin. There is nothing better to these kids then exploring the out doors and getting as dirty as possible.

My sister Clare is taking a hack at this log. We spent a lot of time looking for fire wood.

My sweet S.I.L Chelsea and her little guy Cole.

My brother Hyrum getting a fire started.

Here is Isaac in his booster seat. These little ones where trying their mommies nerves around the camp fire. We felt better when we tied Isaac to a tree, leaving him with a 8 ft radius to explore. He didn't go for that for too long.

We are happy to announce that Cody is now officially in the Air Force. We feel very blessed to have gotten this scholarship and look forward the future. Here are some pictures of when he was sworn in last week and for those of you who didn't know yes I am pregnant and expecting a girl!!!

A lot of Cody's faculty came for the event. Seriously so neat.

He was sworn in by one of his teachers who was an optometrist in the Air Force, Professor Rainey.