Monday, January 3, 2011

Hiccups at midnight

Last night I woke up to comfort Isaac and after putting him back to bed I got some really intense hiccups, like one every four seconds. I tried drinking water upside down, holding my breath; I even tried my secret hiccup remover routine (which is holding my breath while drinking water and waiving my arms all around). There seemed to be no end to them. While lying in bed waiting for the next scare attempt from Cody (who was needless to say, so ready to go back to sleep) I wondered if the hiccups were in rhythm with my heart so I placed my pointer finger and thumb near the limp nodes on my neck, tilted my head up and squeezed. Immediately they were gone. Not sure if that was just luck or a dynamite way of getting rid of the hiccups. What ever it was we were pleased as pie to get back to sleep.

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Jacob and Heather said...

Cute Blog Laura. I haven't seen it in a while. Next time I get hiccups, I will see if I can get rid of them the same way... then we'll know.