Thursday, August 18, 2011

Washington Trip

Me and my kiddo's spent two fun filled weeks in Washington with Grandma. It was so nice to be able to escape this Arizona heat. The kids loved being at their Grandma watering flowers, picking raspberries in the garden, going on walks, playing at the beach, and many park outings. Thank you mom for having us out and making the trip so fun and thank you Aunt Leah for being such a big help.

Isaac had his first ice cream cone and he loved it.

This was taken on Jetty Island. It was perfect for the kids with cousins, warm water, puddles, and sand.

Our little cousin Amy spent some traveling time in the car with us and the boys loved having her in between them. She handed them their drinks and snacks and played games of peek a boo too.

Heres a pic of beautiful aunt Leah giving up the front seat to me. Thank you Leah!


hyrum♥chelsea said...

fuN! glad you had a little break & made it back safe & sound. have fun in cali!! xoxo

Erin said...

Gotta love Aunt Leah!!! She is the best.